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​Star Wars ‘Spin Off’ Filming in Fuerteventura News2 from the Canary Islands

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​Star Wars ‘Spin Off’ Filming in Fuerteventura

Star Wars ‘Spin Off’ Filming in Fuerteventura

The film industry is already making a significant impact upon the Canary Islands with several recent blockbusters filmed on the islands. It seems that the island of Fuerteventura is no exception with filming for a new Star Wars ‘spin off’ to take place on the island between May and June this year.

The film, which is a collaboration between Disney and Lucasfilm, explores the adventures of a young Han Solo and Chewbacca in a plot set before the original Star Wars series.

160 island residents have been contracted to work on the film, as well as 200 residents already signed up as ‘extras’.

Filming will take place around the Jandia Peninsular, with a ban on smartphones and cameras already in place in the area to prevent leaks. Aerial photos of the set located in the sand dunes have already been published, and island authorities are expected to put flight restrictions in place shortly to prevent further exposure.

This film is another example of growing interest in the Canary Islands as a signifiant film location, bringing much needed investment to the islands.

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